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Multifamily Conference + Branding

Building a real estate event on a strong brand.


Rebranding a real estate rendezvous.

Logo Creation, Rebranding, Motion Graphics, Event Content Management, Marketing & Sponsorship Decks, A/V Production, Sponsor Assets, Print Collateral, Signage Design & Installation, Name Bags, Social Media & Email Assets, Trade Show Displays, Registration Desk Design, Floor Decal, Analytics, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Monitoring

The 2023 Multifamily Conference, featuring stars like Grant Cardone and Alex Rodriguez, is the pinnacle of real estate investing in North America, focusing on multifamily assets.

Without an established brand and operating under tight deadlines, the second-year event was a blank canvas. HWO stepped in to infuse identity, strategy, and vibrancy, transforming this industry summit into a must-attend spectacle, merging professional networking with influential real estate insights to create an unparalleled gathering for multifamily aficionados.


Building a brand with limited time.

With no existing brand and a ticking clock, The Multifamily Conference faced the colossal task of establishing its presence in a saturated market. The lack of experience and resources meant a steep uphill battle towards generating interest, securing sponsors, and ensuring the event's execution matched its ambitious vision.

Blueprints to brand brilliance.

Diving into the deep end, HWO sketched out a master plan for MFC's makeover. From zero to hero, we sculpted a brand identity, plotted a strategic marketing course, and streamlined production logistics, ensuring every piece of the event puzzle fit perfectly into the grand vision of multifamily market leadership.

Event evolution success.

  • Elevated brand recognition.
  • Acclaimed improvement over the previous year.
  • High anticipation for future events.

Transforming the Multifamily Conference was not just about changing logos or colors; it was about crafting an experience.

HWO's touch turned a novice event into the talk of the town, creating a vibrant, unforgettable brand experience. The conference's leap from unknown to unforgettable underlines the magic of meticulous marketing and strategic creativity—a true testament to transformation at HWO's hands.

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