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Harry Jerome Awards + Marketing

Garnering awareness while marking a milestone.


4 decades of excellence.

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Listening, Email Campaigns, Ad Management, Photography, Video Production, Event Motion Graphics, Print Design

The Harry Jerome Awards, orchestrated by the Black Business and Professional Association, celebrated its 40th anniversary with a notable goal: to create a memorable mark in its history. Esteemed for recognizing excellence within the Black Canadian community, the event has seen guests like Justin Trudeau and Masai Ujiri.

HWO Agency had a 3 month runway to create and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy, produce 12 honouree acceptance speech videos, and creating motion graphics and assets for this monumental milestone.


Developing and executing an effective strategy fast.

With the clock ticking towards the Harry Jerome Awards' 40th anniversary, BBPA faced a critical challenge: no marketing had commenced, and ticket sales were non-existent. The significance of the event, meant to celebrate four decades of Black excellence, was at risk due to a lack of awareness and engagement. The pressure was on to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing campaign swiftly to fill the vast venue, accommodating over 900 attendees, ensuring the landmark event received the recognition and attendance it deserved.

A total brand revamp.

Faced with the monumental task of honoring 40 years of achievement, HWO strategized a total marketing transformation. We targeted past HJA attendees through social media and email marketing campaigns. We also introduced a commemorative logo and glamorous rebranding of the event to capture attention, celebrate heritage, and fill seats by showcasing decades of impact and the promise of an unforgettable event.

Rejuvenating attendee perception and engagement.

  • Event completely sold out, over 900 attendees.
  • Unprecedented guest feedback on quality.
  • Marketing directly influenced attendee decisions.

HWO's strategic overhaul transformed the Harry Jerome Awards' 40th anniversary, mitigating risks and elevating the event to unprecedented success. Our dynamic marketing approach not only filled every seat but also rejuvenated attendee engagement and perception, setting a new benchmark for the event.

This revitalization not only honored a significant milestone but also laid the groundwork for future celebrations, ensuring the legacy of the BBPA and its esteemed awards continues to flourish. HWO's ongoing partnership with BBPA is a testament to this success, promising more innovative and impactful collaborations ahead.

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