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Crafting a spotlight on Legacy.

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The Legacy Awards, orchestrated by The BLACK Academy, set a new standard in celebrating Black Canadian excellence.

HWO was enlisted to transform the event experience, enhancing efficiency and security through innovative tech solutions, including our proprietary platform, AutoPilot. Our mission: streamline the celebration of Canadian excellence, ensuring a seamless, memorable event for all attendees.


Streamlining VIP experiences
for the red carpet.

Tasked with modernizing Canada's Walk of Fame's antiquated guest management system, HWO Agency faced the challenge of implementing a user-friendly, secure, and efficient process. The need for rapid, secure ticket adjustments and a user-friendly interface was paramount, pressing HWO to devise a solution that catered to both tech novices and the event's high-profile nature.

Innovative tech meets
concierge service.

HWO's approach integrated AutoPilot’s comprehensive event management capabilities with a focus on user accessibility. This sophisticated platform facilitated customizable ticketing, dynamic table arrangements, and secure, quick check-ins through encrypted QR codes. Our strategy prioritized data analytics, real-time adjustments, and an elevated guest experience, setting a new standard for event management.

A foundation for excellence.

  • Seamless check-in for nearly 1,500 guests.
  • Enhanced security preventing fraudulent access.
  • Praise from guests and staff for the smooth event flow.

The 25th anniversary of Canada’s Walk of Fame transformed into a landmark event with HWO's strategic deployment of AutoPilot, delivering a registration experience as distinguished as the honorees themselves.

The success of this partnership not only celebrated Canadian achievements but also set a new benchmark for event management, leading to ongoing collaborations and the broader adoption of AutoPilot in the event industry.

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