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Evercare + Branding

Rebranding the Enercare Leadership Conference.


A new spark in Enercare's event branding.

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Enercare, a leader in energy conservation and management, hosted the 2023 Enercare Leadership Conference, a three-day event focusing on the latest in energy technology and conservation.

Tasked with a comprehensive rebranding, HWO was to encapsulate the vision of Enercare's executives, presenting cutting-edge insights in an industry at the forefront of regulatory and technological shifts. Amidst a tight timeline, our objective was to refresh the event's image, enhancing the educational and collaborative experience.


Refreshing brand identity
amidst time constraints.

Faced with the ambitious goal of rebranding the Enercare Leadership Conference, the main hurdles were the tight deadlines and the need to align with multiple C-suite visions. This urgency led to concerns about the event’s readiness and the coherent portrayal of Enercare's evolving leadership in the energy sector.

Streamlined creativity
for executive alignment.

Tackling Enercare’s rebranding head-on, HWO initiated a swift, coordinated effort. Aligning closely with C-suite executives, we ensured the conference’s new branding resonated with each leader's vision. Our proactive venue assessments and onsite team coordination facilitated seamless content delivery, reflecting Enercare's innovative spirit.

Elevated brand & event success.

  • Significantly improved brand perception.
  • High praise for the event's quality and execution.
  • Positive feedback on presentations and educational content.

HWO's partnership with Enercare transformed the 2023 Leadership Conference into a benchmark of success within the energy sector. Despite a demanding timeline, our comprehensive rebranding and event management showcased Enercare's commitment to innovation and leadership in energy conservation.

The overwhelmingly positive response has set a new standard for future events, solidifying Enercare's trust in our services and establishing a foundation for continued collaboration.

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