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Promoting diversity and celebrating change.


Building a sustainable future.

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Launched by the Toronto Community Benefits Network, the Building Diversity Awards emerged as a beacon of inclusivity within the construction sector.

Despite being a novel concept, the project demanded an engaging, high-caliber promotional strategy to attract a diverse audience. Tasked with everything from branding to sponsor acquisition, our team faced the challenge of introducing and establishing the event's significance from the ground up, ensuring it resonated within the industry and beyond.


Crafting Recognition in
Uncharted Territories.

The Toronto Community Benefits Network faced the daunting task of launching the inaugural Building Diversity Awards with no existing blueprint. Struggling to attract ticket buyers and sponsors, the event risked obscurity, compounded by a marketing approach that failed to resonate within the construction market's unique landscape.

A visionary blueprint for success.

HWO's strategy was revolutionary - a complete overhaul of the brand's visual and digital presence. Recognizing the need for immediate and impactful audience engagement, we revitalized the brand identity, including a logo redesign and website redevelopment using our own platform - AutoPilot. Our multifaceted campaign featured compelling content across all channels, leveraging social media, email, SMS, and strategic partnerships to elevate the event's profile.

A foundation for excellence.

  • Secured over a dozen sponsors including Desjardins, EllisDon and Aecon.
  • Surpassed all ticket sales targets.
  • Achieved sell-out status for three consecutive events, now recognized nationally.
  • Dominated search rankings, achieving an Average Position of 1.5 for "diversity awards" and 1 for "diversity awards canada."
  • Elevated brand perception and authority in diversity.

The Building Diversity Awards transcended its initial scope to become a landmark event under HWO's guidance. Our strategic marketing overhaul and digital prowess not only shattered attendance and sponsorship targets but also cemented the awards' position as a national symbol of diversity celebration.

Through relentless innovation and a deep commitment to brand excellence, HWO has set a new benchmark for event marketing, ensuring the Building Diversity Awards remain a beacon of inclusivity and excellence in the construction industry.

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