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Canada's largest database of pre-screened skilled workers.

Find pre-screened trade workers.


Access our Professional Development E-learning Portal powered by BuildForce Canada.


Look into mentoring and career coaching for new hires through nexgenbuilders.ca.

Financial Incentive

Learn about employer incentives to off-set on the job training and other expenses.

Build Diversity Profile

Collaborate on mentor referrals, job fairs, career talks, mentorship mixers, speaker presentations, event sponsorships and branding.

Pre-Screened Candidates

For employers who hire from Community benefits programs. Learn more at buildingdiversity.ca.

Awards and Recognition

Access pre-screened candidates who meet community benefits requirements.

This program is led by the TCBN with support from LiUNA African American Canadian Caucus, AECON and other community, labour and industry partners.

Employer Portal is the place to find local and diverse people with the skills employers need for the construction industry. The Employer Portal helps unions and employers fill their obligations to Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) with the client/owner of major infrastructure and urban development projects.

What are CBAs?

CBAs are joint community, labour and industry partnerships to increase diversity in the construction industry.

How does it work?

Partners from our member network coordinate their employment services to help you attract and retain the best talent. This portal connects unions and employers to a ”Ready to Hire” list of candidates:

  • with diverse backgrounds
  • pre-screened and
  • job ready for a variety of trades

Rosemarie Powell

Executive Director, TCBN
Advancing the cause for social, economic and environmental justice through community benefits.
Darshika Selvasivam
Joshua Adedamola
Michelle Francis
Gagan Nijjar
Varni Tayalan
Henry Murithi Mwangi
Jane Wilson
Kumsa Baker
Lensa Simesso Denga
Manuela Sa
Sarah Gonza
Sherene Nichol
Najma Ali
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